Smiler has got herself a man !!!

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Smiler has got herself a man !!!

Postby layne » Jun 29th, '17, 16:15


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Re: Smiler has got herself a man !!!

Postby Ruffian » Jun 29th, '17, 16:29

Brilliant lol
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Re: Smiler has got herself a man !!!

Postby Mervin » Jun 29th, '17, 18:07

I cant beleive she has dumped Stan , And i have been saving myself for her to :)): :)): :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Smiler has got herself a man !!!

Postby TLS-Moose » Jun 29th, '17, 20:26

=)) =)) =))

She's clearly moonlighting ..... That's on Okey area code isn't it? Obviously gone pikey...... :wink:
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Re: Smiler has got herself a man !!!

Postby goatpants » Jun 29th, '17, 21:29

I saw one of their vans the other week and laughed. Wanted to photo but was driving.
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Re: Smiler has got herself a man !!!

Postby Smiler » Jun 30th, '17, 19:09

Hahaha you cheeky lot! :)):

Smiler & Van - definitely not for hire!!!

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