Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

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Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby StaceyRacy » Jun 12th, '17, 22:06

Hello all.

I'm a Welsh woman aged 29 who has moved to Taunton recently and looking to make some new biker mates as I've left my other ones back over the Bridge .. :((

Just wondered if there's anyone around town centre way who may be free once or twice a week in evenings and some weekends.

I see lots of bikes about travelling to work etc so would be great to meet some nice people.

I ride a GSR750 called Kevin and have been riding 8 years.

Thanks all, look forward to some hello's :))
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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby billinom8s » Jun 12th, '17, 23:24

Hi Stacey, welcome to Swb.

A bunch of us have just come back from over the bridge, our annual pilgrimage to Llandow Circuit for a play day.

There are plenty of folk up and around your way, some even further south too. Get stuck in and look for some meets or runs that you may want to join in on, if there aren't any, feel free to post some up.

Again, welcome in.

don't forget we are on twitter believe it or not !!!
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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby MellowYellow » Jun 13th, '17, 07:19


Just been up in tthe Brecons last w/e. Loads of stuff comes through TN en route to the north som. coast.

Summer Santas will be meeting in TN on the way to Barnstaple. Sunday 25th.

See separate post in here and..." onclick=";return false;

:) :) :)
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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby jer r1 » Jun 15th, '17, 10:23

Welcome to the site Stacey. A few of us will be coming through Taunton at silly o'clock next Sunday morning en-route to the RTTB. You're welcome to tag along if you want.
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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby Smiler » Jun 15th, '17, 17:12

Hiya Stacey, I'm just up the road in Burnham! If you fancy a bike buddy sometime gimme a shout, I know some pretty fab roads ;)
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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby r1dave » Jun 15th, '17, 20:51

hi stacey
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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby Kata » Jun 15th, '17, 20:54

HIya Stacey,

Welcome to the site.
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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby menzies3032 » Jun 16th, '17, 21:41

Hi Stacey

Welcome to the forum hope to see you on a ride out soon. :ymhug:

Run to the Bun next week going all the way down to the bottom of Cornwall if your up for it.
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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby tholloway93 » Jun 17th, '17, 21:47

Hi Stacey I also live in Taunton so if you ever fancy a ride out let me know!

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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby chr1s » Jun 18th, '17, 08:25

Hey Stacey, picked a nice part of the country to move to :D, do you ride Kevin hard? :erm:
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Re: Huge hello from Stacey in Taunton

Postby BlueYam » Jul 7th, '17, 19:10

Hi just moved to Taunton myself and don't know a soul...
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